The technology is growing, the process is improving, the communication and coordination are developing, for sure to get better results, but why some person still have the way of the thinking with old style or tradition, such as, its used to…, long time ago…


We work in company is not alone, sometimes we have discussion, have different idea or opinion, however, as a professional, we need to get an agreed action plan to be done later to achieve better and bigger result. In this stage, we as manager or someone who has middle position in a company, we have to wise to accept the action plan even that action plan is not come from us, maybe the idea of action plan come from Spv level or operator level.


A manager or person who does not ready for the changes, may say some reasons to keep the previous way, they might say: “ITS USED TO BE…” or “USUALLY…” or “LONG TIME AGO…” etc. Then, if those “magic word” already said by a person, we will not have good discussion.


And how to prepare ourselves, as manager, to accept the new idea or the new concept which may different from us?


Learning, learning and learning…


Learning is not only learn for the new one/item then we implement it, but learn to respect to others, learn to accept the other idea, learn to think different way, learn to think out of the box. Like it or not, sometime we need to learn from our staff or our team who works for us.


Do not be act the boss always right, do not have a perception that the senior employee always right, do not say those “magic word” however we better challenge the person who give another idea till get clear info.


The root cause of this condition, it may the employee in comfort zone area, it may not see from different angle of processes (respect others), it may not learn from others (benchmarking) or he may have a superior who has the same style who always use the “magic word” above.


Who will change?


The answer is very simple… WE ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN CHANGE OURSELVES… insya Allah.

Is it leader equal to servant?

As we knew that in this world has many kind of type of the people who lead the country, say for example, a president, a king, a queen, a prime minister, etc. Maybe to lead a country is too big example, then we change the example to the people who lead some person or groups, maybe the total person only 100 till 500 person.

To get the highest position in the group, sometimes took several years, more than 10 years, a lucky person may got the highest position below than 10 years. During the period before highest position, we may got appointed in some working areas or be an expert person in one area. In this topic is not important, 5 years, 10 years or 15 years to get highest position or working in one or more than one area.

If we consider that when we lead some person in a group, we have to face some problem occur later, problem about communication, problem about teamwork, problem about their family or problem with his/her girl/boy friend. Quite often in reality, that those problems will bother the working condition, then impact to their working performance and working output.

Be a leader, need to have a skill about motivating others, building effective team. This skill is not automatically come to us. We need to do some exercises and through some experiences. Our mind set will be developed and created to positive way if we got good guidance/direction from our superior when we were in staff level.

Some trainings, mentoring program, couching program, also as learning process to develop and to create good mind set to be a leader.

Then what is the relation to be a servant?

Some types of leader as we understand are authoritarian, the leader is always right, arrogant and these are examples of bad types of the leader. However good type examples of the leader are bring the working environment to conducive, couch the team player to support each other, depending each other to achieve the group’s goal and other good examples.

Our staff, in the beginning, may need some good directions to do some activities. Sometimes we need to have man to man discussion, spend more time to sit and discuss with all team players to make same vision and mission and maybe it will happen after working hours or our weekend period. We can say that to know each other need to sacrifice our family or personal time to build good relationship with the team player.

This is the meaning of be a servant.

A servant always uses their time to serve the house’s owner and family. Their clean the house, they wash the dishes, cloths, they do gardening, etc.

The key word is to SERVE. Good leader will serve the team player to develop good teamwork, to build good mind set and to achieve the team’s goal coz the leader has good relationship with the team player.

So, don’t be shy to have servant mentality to build a good teamwork and good relationship. Since we are good servant to the team player, it will build a trust to the team and automatically, the good team player will support the leader, insya Allah.

Promotion, who do not want to get higher position? Yes, most employees who work with a company want to get higher position. It is unusual, if we work in the company but we do not want to get promotion.

As written in other topic, A COW, a person who wants to be a leader, need to have a good attitude. A brilliant person will not automatically be a good leader if the person does not have good attitude. Long service year to work in the company also will not guarantee be a good leader if the person does not have good attitude.

What is the impact?

Restructuring the organization, succession plan, position rotation will generate some new position or replacement in the organization. In this topic will not mention about the reason of restructuring or why need a succession. This topic will focus on the person who get promotion but not in the right time yet.

The person has a capability, the person got an opportunity and the person has willingness to get higher position, but the person does not have good attitude yet and or does not have good maturity level yet, even the person already had long service year in the company.

The impact, if the company intrudes the person who does not have good maturity level to hold the higher position without any additional knowledge, no trainings, or without any good mentoring system, the problem will occur later. For example, the person does not usually work in a big team, then if he appointed in the higher position, the way of communication, the way of working style and the way of how to think, is narrow. The person will think shortly and the worst, the person will think he already took the best action, but in reality maybe the action is not perfect yet.

If this happen, an arrogant attitude will show in the person. Some inputs will rejected by the person, since he had long service year and he already in higher position. It will get worse, if the person report to the highest level in the company. The person feels that he got a back up from the superior then the person will not realize that the person will broke the procedure or SOP of the process.

As learning point to be a good leader, if we get a promotion or to fill the higher position, please remember, we do not walk in the moon, we do not walk in the sky. Be a gentle person, respect each other. Do not have a feeling that we already senior person in the company, do not see the new person in the company does not have other experiences.

Human being is the perfect creature in this world that God created. We have to say thanks God (alhamdulillah), if we have a complete legs, hands, eyes, ears, etc. And now, depends on us how to use it, for a good thing or a bad thing.

As the subject, listen, then it will connect to our ears.

Ears, the basic function is to hear all kind of sounds, however, our ears have a sound range to hear. In this topic, we don’t mention about the sound range, or the basic of ears function.

So, why the topic is listen?

As a leader, we need to realize that we can not only giving order. We can not only sit as a King or Queen who sit in a big chair while our staff is working hardly. Most reasons that the teamwork will broke, coz this bad habit of the leader, just sit, give instruction and don’t want to hear the team voices.

Another example, during the performance appraisal (one on one session), the leader also need to give a time to staff to speak then the leader have to hear them. Sometimes, a leader is not only hear a staff’s problem in office, but sometimes staff’s problem at home or their family. Their problem at home is often to bother their working performance, especially for young people who has a girl or boy friend.

But do not forget, a man, if he has a family and has children, listen the children or wife also needed. Quite many people in this world, be a good leader at the office but a bad father/husband at home.

A good leader or a good father, must be a good listener before judging or say something. This good exercise or this good behavior will be copied by the team member or by the children. Insya Allah, it will build a good teamwork, and the most important is about respect, all team members will respect to the leader. Good respect will create a trust.

Listen is one of learning activity too. Sometimes we hear bad info, critics or destructive information. As a good leader, we need to analyze the info what we got before say or doing something. Listen also will bring us to higher maturity of leadership.

That’s why God gives us two ears and one mouth, so, we need to “more to hear” rather than “more to speak”.

To be a leader….. hhmmm, most of people wants it. Especially for a man, sometimes be a leader is a prestige, proud of and have a feeling that the world is mine. This attitude will be seen if the person is not ready yet to act as a leader.

What is the impact of this attitude?

For the person who has that feeling, this attitude will change to too confident, feel always right and the person will quite difficult to hear the voice of their team. If they do not careful, they can be trapped into comfort zone situation. This type of leader like to sit in their working table, their control their job from their working table, its called ‘remote control’ (*) managerial style.

(*) took from confronting conformance by Gordon J Stevenson.

No wonder, if some employees have this type of manager, they will feel uncomfortable to meet their leader. Egoistic image will be seen in their leader style while the leader will lead the team. No good communication will happen since no-trust among the leader and the team member. Scare to be blamed, just waiting instruction from the leader will occur in the team member attitude. “OK boss”, “the boss is always right”, “as you said boss” will come from the team member comment.

To eliminate this kind of situation is not easy and it will take time for both parties, the leader and the team member. The leader have to learn about the team member capability, the leader have to improve the skill of the team member, build the TRUST and start to delegate some activities to team member. Training, coaching and counseling is needed to build a good team player and to generate a good teamwork. During coaching, it is better the leader is not use ‘remote control’ style again. This is another learning process for the leader and the team member.

A statement from the past Philips president, Mr Jan Timmer:

I believe in management by walking around… it’s informal and direct. If you meet a hundred people a day, you can give a hundred people a message… This is more effective than being at your desk by yourself”.

Lead by example, improve the communication, delegate some activities and BUILD THE TRUST to the team member will develop good working environment, insya Allah.

(see below for bahasa)


The word ‘change’ has a huge meaning. We can raise questions such as: what should be changed? Who will change? Who will be changed? Etc…

When the human being lives, we can not run away from the change, we born only 35 – 50 cm and after years, our tall maybe (normal condition) more than 1.5 m, or even more than 2 m. When we were young, our needs were supplied by our parents, food, school, cloth, etc, and now after we are working, we prepare the needs by ourselves. It’s change!


When we started to work at the company soon as we graduated from school or university, we do not know anything, we just follow the direction from our superior. We learn, we improve and develop ourselves to survive to work in the company. Experience as a learning, get an achievement as a goal, positive spirit as a motivation. Do we ready to change?


In this topic, the meaning of change will focus to ourselves who work in a company.

For someone who works start from the bottom level (say engineer level) and no subordinate yet, we just work like a robot. Follow the company policies, procedures/SOP and follow the superior instructions. We support our superior by generating the reports, outcome will be the personal performance which generate the departmental (a team) performance. Why do we want to do that?


In the office, we can not do as we want (if the company is not ours), the company has rules which have to follow and we must obey it. If not, we can get trouble, warning letter can be sent to us if we broke the rules. Like it or not, we should adapt it.

As a normal person, after working many years, we want to get promotion to higher level, from engineer move to supervisor, from supervisor move to manager, then to senior manager and maybe keep look for the career till the top, as President Director or CEO.


It may take years to get to a position that we want. If there is a chance to get promotion, then the rest is depends on ourselves (topic related, please see A COW topic under Leadership category). Why depends on us? Yes, we need to change! What need to be changed?

In A COW topic, C means capability and this is one item that we need to change. Our capability must be improved, our skill and behavior is developing to mature. Another word, we PREPARE ourselves to change. Better skill and better behavior.


Is it enough? Not yet, do not stop! What else?


We interact with many persons in office, such as peers, other managers /superior, or other subordinates even they are not our direct report and or our direct staff. Be a higher position, more challenges, we must ‘sell’ our skill to them (especially management team) who have interaction with us. Show to them that we can solve the problem as per level area responsibility. PROMOTE ourselves to peers and to management team level!

In this condition, it may some argument happen. Be positive and use our skill to jump into discussions related our area responsibility.


Soon we try to promote ourselves through some discussions to peers and management level, probably they want to know our action as the result in discussions. In this level, we can not do by ourselves, we need to get support from others, from peers, from management level and from subordinates. We need to translate from vision to mission and involving other team to achieve the goal. Therefore we need a vehicle and it’s called a METHOD or TOOL (will explain in other category – IMPROVEMENT TOOL).


Do we ready to change?


Yes, we PREPARE ourselves with good skill and behavior, we PROMOTE our skill to others and use good METHOD to prove that we ready to change to be better and don’t forget, it’s start from OURSELVES.



BERUBAH, kita membutuhkan PPM (dalam bahasa: STM), mulai dari diri kita sendiri


Sebuah kata ’berubah’ mempunyai arti yang sangat luas. Kita bisa membuat pertanyaan seperti: apa yang harus dirubah? Siapa yang akan berubah? Siapa yang akan dirubah? Dll…

Ketika manusia hidup, kita tidak bisa lari dari perubahan, kita lahir dengan panjang Cuma 35 – 50 cm dan setelah beberapa tahun, tinggi kita (secara normal) bisa lebih dari 1,5 m atau bahkan ada yang lebih dari 2 m. Ketika kita masih muda, kebutuhan2x kita disiapkan oleh orang tua kita, mulai dari makan, sekolah, baju, dll dan sekarang setelah kita bekerja, kita menyiapkan kebutuhan diri kita sendiri. Ini bisa disebut perubahan.


Ketika kita mulai bekerja pada sebuah perusahaan selepas dari sekolah atau universitas, kita tidak mengetahui apa2x, kita hanya mengikuti arahan dari atasan kita. Kita belajar, kita meningkatkan dan mengembanngkan diri kita sendiri untuk bertahan dan bekerja pada perusahaan itu. Pengalaman2x sebagai pembelajaran, mencapai sebuah pencapaian adalah sebuah prestasi, semangat yang positif adalah sebuah motivasi. Apa kita siap untuk berubah?


Pada topic ini, yang dimaksud dengan berubah akan focus pada diri kita yang bekerja pada sebuah perusahaan.

Untuk seseorang yang bekerja dan dimulai dari bawah (missal dari level engineer) and belum memiliki anak buah, kita kerja seperti robot. Mengikuti kebijakan2x perusahaan, prosedur dan mengikuti instruksi atasan. Kita mendukung atasan kita dengan membuat laporan2x, dan hasilnya akan menjadi kinerja pribadi yang mana akan menghasilkan kinerja departemen (sebuah team). Mengapa kita melakukan itu?


Di kantor, kita tidak bisa melakukan sesuka kita (jika perusahaan itu bukan milik kita), perusahaan punya peraturan2x yang harus diikuti and harus dihormati. Jika tidak, kita akan mendapatkan masalah, surat peringatan bisa dikirim ke kita jika kita melanggar peraturan. Suka atau tidak, kita harus beradaptasi dengan hal ini.

Sebagai manusia yang normal, setelah bekerja beberapa tahun, kita ingin mendapatkan kesempatan untuk kenaikan tingkat atau jabatan, misal dari engineer ke level supervisor, dari supervisor ke level manager kemudian manager senior dan mungkin tetap mencari karir hingga top level, yaitu sebagai President Director atau CEO.


Mungkin butuh waktu tahunan untuk mencapai posisi yang kita inginkan. Jika ada kesempatan untuk kenaikan jabatan, selanjutnya akan bergantung pada diri kita sendiri (topic yang berhubungan dengan topic ini, silahkan baca A COW atau S3K pada kategori Leadership). Mengapa tergantung diri kita sendiri? Ya, kita ingin berubah! Apa yang dibutuhkan untuk berubah?

Dalam topic S3K, K pertama adalah Kemampuan and ini salah satu hal yang harus berubah. Kemampuan kita harus dikembangkan, keahlian dan sikap kita terus berkembang menjadi dewasa. Dengan kata lain, SIAPKAN diri kita sendiri untuk berubah. Lebih ahli dan lebih baik sikapnya.



Apakah sudah cukup? Belum, jangan berhenti! Apa lagi?


Kita berinteraksi dengan banyak orang di kantor, seperti rekan sejawat (selevel), manager atau pimpinan lain atau staff mungkin saja mereka bukan atasan kita langsung atau staff kita. Untuk mencapai posisi lebih tinggi, tantangan lebih banyak, kita harus ‘menjual’ keahlian kita pada mereka (terutama pada level managemen) yang berinteraksi dengan kita. Perlihatkan pada mereka bahwa kita bisa menyelesaikan masalah sesuai dengan area yang menjadi tanggung jawab kita. TAWARKAN diri kita sendiri pada rekan kerja dan manajemen level!

Pada kondisi ini, bisa terjadi argumentasi. Positiflah dan gunakan keahlian kita untuk terjun ke dalam diskusi yang berhubungan dengan area tanggung jawab kita.


Setelah kita mencoba tawarkan diri kita sendiri melalui diskusi pada rekan kerja dan manajemen level, kemungkinan mereka ingin mengetahui tindakan2x kita untuk mencapai hasil seperti apa yang telah didiskusikan sebelumnya. Pada level ini, kita tidak bisa bekerja sendiri, kita butuh dukungan dari orang lain, dari rekan kerja, dari manejemen level dan bahkan dari staff. Kita perlu menterjemahkan dari visi ke misi dan melibatkan pihak lain untuk meraih sebuah target. Oleh karena itu kita membutuhkan sebuah kendaraan dan hal itu disebut sebuah METODA atau ALAT (akan diterangkan pada kategori – IMPROVEMENT TOOL).


Apakah kita siap untuk berubah?


Ya, kita SIAPKAN diri kita sendiri dengan keahlian dan sikap yang baik, kita TAWARKAN keahlian kita pada pihak lain dan menggunakan METODA yang baik untuk membuktikan bahwa kita siap untuk berubah menjadi lebih baik dan jangan lupa, itu dimulai dari DIRI KITA SENDIRI.

(please see below for bahasa)


A COW, is it an animal? Yes and no. Yes, if want to eat the meat and milk. No, because it is an acronym. An acronym? What is the meaning A COW? What is A COW for?

OK, let’s start to explore it.

  • A is Attitude
  • C is Capability
  • O is Opportunity
  • W is Willingness


A COW is used for someone who wants to get a promotion or rotation or get a new assignment or looking for a career in a company or someone who wants to develop themselves to be better.


For example, we are as supervisor and we want to be a manager. It is not a simple method to get promotion, especially in world class company, the company has rules or procedures to be implemented. The company will assess the person to get more detail information before say yes to promote the person and to put the man in right place and in the right time. A COW is one simple method to be considered for someone, to prepare ourselves before facing the real situation later. Why? Many cases happened, a manager or a leader, can not act as their level, can not make a decision, can not give a good solution or do not have good relation with others (peers, subordinate or superior). The worst, the leader can be a problem maker not problem solver.




Everyone in this world, naturally, has attitude. Attitude is one of key driver which bring us to have good or bad performance. I’m not a doctor, I’m just a practitioner person who work with a company, to be honest, I know the meaning of attitude but quite difficult to explain in English (English language is

not my mother language) or we may open this link: http://www.attitudeworks.com.au/AW_pages/attitudes/attitudes.html

This link will help us to translate the meaning of attitude.


The other info related to this attitude via a good book. The title is the CAREER ARCHITECT Development Planner. The author is Michael M Lombardo and Robert W Eichinger (visit http://www.lominger.com). Simple word for them is Lominger. The thick of this book is about 4 cm since the content is quite detail for us, for individual learners, supervisors, managers, mentors and feedback givers. Also this book can be used to asses a person to know the level of each item which want to be assessed. Trust me, it is a good book!!


In Moslem, the best example about attitude is, follow our prophet, Muhammad SAW. So, while we are still live in this world, please learn about Muhammad SAW, through hadits, through his historical book and through a Moslem community.




We can say a person who has good capability, usually if the person can solve a problem then achieve a good quality result with certain and reasonable of time. Experiences as good teacher and as learning activities will develop the capability of the person to be better and better, and if the person works in broader area to have more experiences (and used as learning), then the person will improve their capability coz different environment will develop and improve maturity level of the person. More challenges, also will help the person to learn and to improve the capability. More complex the problem which handle by the person will guide to get better capability. More exercises, more training, learning from others, and sometimes get input from other also will guide the person to improve the capability. Learn is one of the basic spirit to get better capability. Higher stress in daily activity, it will generate higher maturity level, if its move to positive direction then will create a strong personality and sharpen their capability. If its move to negative direction then will impact to the person, maybe stress or de-motivation.




It is a condition, which told us about an open way or gate to get promotion or to get rotation or to get new assignment. This will happen if we work with a company, however, in market business, most of people will look for the opportunity. They do not wait for the opportunity come to them. In this topic will focus for the opportunity in a company related.


Opportunity will seen if, for example, (usually) our superior move to other company, or a vacant position open in other department or a project is set and need a person as project manager, and other sample of opportunities. Then, if we work with a company, it may years no opportunity come to us, even we are capable, or a senior person in the company and have good attitude. You may an expert person in your working area. However, as a world class company, based on my experience, those companies have a job rotation policy with some purposes. For sure, before rotation conducted, the person must deploy the skill to the subordinate (if no replacement yet). Why rotation? We are human being and have an attitude easy to get boring. Then through rotation program, it may help the person feel another environment and another learning step to get more working experiences. Promotion, rotation, new assignment will work if the person gets a good training and good knowledge to support the new role. But, not all persons want to take an opportunity. They are OK with the current position, they satisfied with what they already got (please see the WILLINGNESS topic below).


To take the opportunity is depend on ourselves, if we are ready, take it, if we are not confidence yet, then leave it at the moment and wait another opportunities. Every opportunity also has a risk. Why? If we got promotion, a simple question, do we already have experiences in that level? Are we ready to take that position? Do not worry, again, with a training as a learning step, it may help us to face the risk. Same as in rotation, some risks may occur later, e.g. what do we feel if we got rotation program from a laboratory, which has a clear room, with full air con, neat, good smell room then move to warehouse with full of containers, no air con, sit in a room with so many paper docs, and usually, warehouse if far from front office, back side area. We need to prepare our mental. This is an opportunity, take it or leave it!




It is a feeling from deep inside our heart that will push us to change, push us to get something, to achieve our hope, our vision, to get better and better and other positive result at the end.

To have a willingness spirit, we need a positive energy to support it. We need to fight, we need to practice or learning, need to be strong. To get better result, we MUST have positive thinking. We ready to struggle, we ready to take a risk. Challenges will develop us to get positive energy to generate willingness spirit. Do not easy to give up or frustration, learn from our mistakes, accept the inputs which will help us to improve. Sometimes critics will make us stronger, as long as we transform the critics into good positive input. In this case, is not easy, our maturity level need to be in high level.


As mention above, some person do not have willingness to get promotion or rotation, they feel save, they feel enjoy in the position. In some conditions, it is dangerous, they feel in “comfort zone” area (will explain in Comfort Zone topic).



Bad attitude, good capability, good opportunity, good willingness è waste your time.

Good attitude, bad capability, good opportunity, good willingness è it’s a (still) dream.

Good attitude, good capability, bad opportunity, good willingness è it’s not your time yet.

Good attitude, good capability, good opportunity, bad willingness è waste your time.


Be a religion person, don’t forget to always pray to Allah SWT. Ask His bless to get our dream, our hope, our needs. He will give us, maybe now, next week, next month, next year or He will give us in the life after. He knows what is the best for us. Do not stop to pray.


A COW (dalam bahasa S3K)


A COW (sapi), apakah seekor binatang? Ya dan Tidak. Ya, jika kita ingin makan daging sapi dan susu. No, karena itu adalah sebuah singkatan. Singkatan? Apa artinya A COW? Buat apa A COW?


(Dalam bahasa Indonesia A COW diganti menjadi S3K)

Baik, mari kita bahas.

  • S adalah Sikap
  • K adalah Kemampuan
  • K adalah Kesempatan
  • K adalah Kemauan


S3K digunakan seseorang bila dia akan mendapatkan sebuah promosi atau tugas baru atau mencari karir pada sebuah perusahaan atau mereka yang ingin mengembangkan dirinya sendiri.


Sebagai contoh, jika kita seorang Supervisor dan kita ingin menjadi seorang manager. Adalah tidak semudah itu untuk mendapatkan promosi, terutama di perusahaan yang berskala dunia (international), perusahaan itu mempunyai peraturan2x atau prosedur yang harus dijalankan. Perusahaan akan menilai orang itu untuk mendapatkan informasi yang lebih detail sebelum menyatakan YA untuk mempromosikannya dan menugaskan orang tersebut pada posisi dan waktu yang tepat. S3K adalah sebuah metoda yang perlu dipertimbangkan, untuk menyiapkan diri kita sendiri sebelum menghadapi situasi yang sebenarnya. Mengapa demikian? Banyak kasus terjadi, seorang manager atau seorang pemimpin, tidak bisa bertindak sesuai dengan jabatan atau levelnya, tidak bisa memutuskan, tidak bisa memberikan penyelesaian yang baik atau tidak mempunyai hubungan yang baik dengan yang lain (bisa dengan sesama manager, dengan staffnya atau dengan atasannya). Yang paling buruk, pemimpin bisa menjadi penyebab masalah, bukan sebagai orang yang menyelesaikan masalah.



Setiap orang di dunia ini, secara natural, memiliki sikap. Sikap adalah salah satu kunci yang akan membawa kita untuk memiliki baik atau tidaknya sebuah prestasi. Saya bukan dokter, saya hanyalah seorang praktisi yang  bekerja pada sebuah perusahaan, jujur, saya mengerti apa itu sikap, tapi cukup sulit menjelaskan dalam bahasa Inggris (bahasa Inggris bukan bahasa utama saya), atau silahkan buka link ini:


Link ini akan membantu menterjemahkan maksud dari kata sikap (dalam bahasa Inggris).


Sikap adalah suatu hal yang melekat pada diri seseorang yang didapat sejak kita lahir. Sikap setiap orang berbeda2x. Sikap bisa terbentuk tergantung dari faktor:

  • Keluarga
  • Pendidikan (bisa dari sekolah, kuliah, pelatihan)
  • Pergaulan/lingkungan tempat tinggal (teman main)
  • Lingkungan tempat bekerja (teman kerja)
  • Kondisi ekonomi
  • Dan faktor2x lainnya


Pada diri manusia banyak sekali sikap yang ada. Misal sikap mengenai bagaimana fokus pada terhadap pelanggan, sikap bagaimana memotivasi, sikap bagaimana berkomunikasi, dll.


Info lain dari masalah sikap ini adalah melalui sebuah buku yang bagus. Judulnya ada CAREER ARCHITECT Development Planner. Penulisnya adalah Michael L Lombardo dan Robert W Eichinger (kunjungi www.lominger.com). Kata yang mudah untuk mereka adalah Lominger. Tebal buku ini sekitar 4 cm karena isi yang cukup lengkap, bisa untuk seorang yang ingin belajar, seorang supervisor, manager, mentor (pembimbing) dan bisa digunakan dalam memberikan umpan balik. Buku ini juga bisa digunakan untuk menilai seseorang untuk mengetahui sampai dimana level dari setiap sikap/item yang dinilai. Percayalah, buku ini buku bagus!


Sebagai seorang muslim, contoh terbaik mengenai sikap, mari ikuti nabi kita, nabi Muhammad SAW. Jadi, selama kita masih hidup di dunia ini, tolong pelajari sikap nabi Muhammad SAW, melalui hadits, melalui buku sejarah beliau dan melalui kajian2x ilmu yang sunnah.




Kita dapat mengatakan bahwa seseorang memiliki kemampuan yang baik, biasanya, bila seseorang itu dapat menyelesaikan masalah, kemudian dapat menghasilkan hasil yang baik pula melalui waktu tertentu. Pengalaman adalah guru terbaik untuk kita dan pengalaman bisa digunakan sebagai aktifitas pembelajaran yang akan mengembangkan kemampuan orang tersebut untuk menjadi lebih baik dan lebih baik lagi, dan bila orang tersebut bekerja pada area yang lebih luas yang akan menambah pengalaman (dan digunakan sebagai pembelajaran), kemudian orang itu akan mengembangkan kemampuannya, dan didukung melalui lingkungan yang berbeda maka akan membentuk dan mendewasakan orang tersebut. Semakin banyak tantangan, juga akan membantunya untuk belajar dan mengembangkan kemampuan. Semakin kompleks permasalahan yang ditangani oleh seseorang, akan membawanya menjadi lebih baik lagi. Dengan melakukan latihan2x, ikut program pelatihan, belajar dari orang lain dan sesekali mendapatkan nasehat dari orang lain juga akan membawa seseorang untuk mengasah kemampuannya lebih baik lagi. Belajar adalah salah satu semangat dasar untuk menjadikan kemampuan lebih baik. Semakin tinggi tingkat stress yang dialami pada kesehariannya, akan membentuk tingkat kedewasaan yang lebih baik yang berakibat pada kemampuannya, jika kedewasaan bergerak ke arah positif maka akan membentuk kepribadian yang kuat dan kemampuannya selalu terasah dan semakin baik. Jika bergerak ke arah yang negative maka akan berdampak buruk pada seseorang, bisa saja menjadi stress atau motivasinya menurun sehingga kemampuannya tidak tampak.




Sebuah kondisi dimana akan menjelaskan tentang terbukanya sebuah pintu gerbang kesempatan untuk mendapatkan promosi atau rotasi atau mendapatkan tugas baru. Hal ini akan terjadi jika kita bekerja pada sebuah perusahaan, namun pada dunia bisnis umum, kebanyakan orang akan berusaha mencari terbukanya pintu gerbang kesempatan itu. Pebisnis tersebut tidak bisa menunggu sebuah kesempatan datang padanya. Dalam topic ini akan lebih memfokuskan sebuah kesempatan yang berhubungan dengan pekerjaan pada sebuah perusahaan.


Kesempatan akan terlihat, sebagai contoh, biasanya terjadi bila seorang atasan yang keluar dari sebuah perusahaan, atau sebuah jabatan pada departemen lain yang masih belum terisi oleh seseorang atau sebuah projek dibentuk dan membutuhkan seseorang untuk memimpin projek tersebut, dan contoh kesempatan2x yang lain. Lalu, bila kita bekerja pada sebuah perusahaan, maka ada kemungkinan sebuah kesempatan tidak akan datang beberapa tahun lamanya, meskipun kita memiliki kemampuan yang baik, atau kita adalah karyawan senior dan memiliki sikap yang baik. Bisa saja anda seorang yang ahli dalam sebuah bidang. Namun, pada sebuah perusahaan kelas dunia, berdasarkan pengalaman saya, perusahaan itu memiliki kebijakan mengenai rotasi pekerjaan pada karyawannya dengan berbagai tujuan. Yang pasti, sebelum dilakukan rotasi, seseorang yang akan dirotasi harus mendidik staffnya (bila belum ada penggantinya). Mengapa dengan rotasi? Kita adalah manusia yang memiliki sikap bosan pada suatu saat. Maka melalui program rotasi akan membantu seseorang untuk merasakan lingkungan yang berbeda dan hal ini adalah sebuah langkah pembelajaran yang lain untuk menambah pengalaman dalam bekerja. Promosi, rotasi atau tugas baru akan berhasil jika seseorang itu mendapatkan pelatihan yang baik dan pengetahuan yang memadai untuk mendukung area kerja yang baru. Tapi, tidak semua orang akan mengambil kesempatan. Mereka sudah OK dengan posisinya, mereka sudah puas dengan apa yang didapat (silahkan lihat topic Keinginan dibawah ini).


Untuk mengambil kesempatan yang ada itu tergantung pada diri kita sendiri, jika kita siap, ambillah, jika belum yakin, tinggalkan saat itu dan tunggu kesempatan berikutnya. Setiap kesempatan memiliki sebuah resiko. Mengapa? Jika kita mendapatkan sebuah promosi, ada pertanyaan mudah, apakah kita sudah memiliki pengalaman pada posisi itu? Apakah sudah siap untuk menduduki posisi itu? Sama saja dengan rotasi, beberapa resiko bisa saja muncul, contoh, apa yang kita rasakan jika mengalami rotasi dari bekerja pada sebuah laboratotium yang memiliki ruangan yang bersih, menggunakan AC, tata ruang rapih, ruangan yang harum, kemudian kita akan dirotasi ke area gudang yang penuh dengan container, tidak ada AC, duduk pada sebuah ruangan yang penuh dengan kertas kerja dan biasanya, lokasi gudang berada di belakang yang jauh dari kantor bagian depan. Maka kita dibutuhkan untuk menyiapkan mental. Nah ini sebuah kesempatan, ambil atau tinggalkan!




Adalah sebuah perasaan yang ada pada diri kita yang berada pada dalam hati kita yang akan mendorong keinginan untuk berubah, mendorong untuk mendapatkan sesuatu, untuk meraih sebuah harapan, cita2x, untuk mendapatkan yang lebih baik lagi dan contoh positif lainnya. Ingin merampok, apakah baik? Ya baik menurut si perampok tapi buruk bagi orang lain.

Untuk memiliki sebuah keinginan yang besar, kita membutuhkan energy positif untuk mendukung hal tersebut. Kita harus sangat berusaha, membutuhkan latihan2x atau pelajaran2x, kita harus kuat. Untuk mendapatkan hasil yang lebih baik, kita harus memiliki pemikiran positif. Kita siap untuk berjuang, kita siap menanggung resiko. Tantangan akan membentuk kita untuk mendapatkan energi positif untuk menghasilkan keinginan yang besar. Jangan mudah untuk menyerah atau frustrasi, belajarlah dari kesalahan2x kita, terimalah masukan2x yang akan membantu untuk berkembang. Kadang2x kritikan akan membuat kita lebih kuat, selama kita bisa merubah kritik menjadi masukan yang positif. Dalam hal ini tidaklah mudah, dibutuhkan tingkat kedewasaan yang cukup baik.


Seperti yang sudah dibahas diatas, beberapa orang memang tidak memiliki keinginan untuk promosi atau rotasi, mereka merasa sudah aman, mereka sudah menikmati pada posisinya. Dalam beberapa kondisi, hal ini sangat bahaya. Mereka merasakan di dalam  ”area nyaman” (akan dijelaskan pada topic Area Nyaman).



Sikap kurang baik, Kemampuan baik, Kesempatan ada, Keinginan ada è buang2x waktu

Sikap baik, Kemampuan kurang baik, Kesempatan ada, Keingingan ada è (masih) sebuah mimpi

Sikai baik, Kemampuan baik, Kesempatan kurang baik, Keinginan ada è ini belum saatnya untuk anda

Sikap baik, Kemampuan baik, Kesempatan ada, Keinginan kurang è buang2x waktu


Menjadi orang yang beragama, janganlah lupa untuk selalu berdoa pada Allah SWT. Dia akan memberkahi/mengabulkan pada kita untum memperoleh impian kita, harapan kita, kebutuhan kita. Dia akan memberikan, mungkin sekarang, minggu depan, bulan depan, tahun depan atau Dia akan memberikan pada kita nanti di alam akhirat. Dia mengetahui apa yang terbaik untuk kita. Jangan berhenti untuk berdoa.

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