The technology is growing, the process is improving, the communication and coordination are developing, for sure to get better results, but why some person still have the way of the thinking with old style or tradition, such as, its used to…, long time ago…


We work in company is not alone, sometimes we have discussion, have different idea or opinion, however, as a professional, we need to get an agreed action plan to be done later to achieve better and bigger result. In this stage, we as manager or someone who has middle position in a company, we have to wise to accept the action plan even that action plan is not come from us, maybe the idea of action plan come from Spv level or operator level.


A manager or person who does not ready for the changes, may say some reasons to keep the previous way, they might say: “ITS USED TO BE…” or “USUALLY…” or “LONG TIME AGO…” etc. Then, if those “magic word” already said by a person, we will not have good discussion.


And how to prepare ourselves, as manager, to accept the new idea or the new concept which may different from us?


Learning, learning and learning…


Learning is not only learn for the new one/item then we implement it, but learn to respect to others, learn to accept the other idea, learn to think different way, learn to think out of the box. Like it or not, sometime we need to learn from our staff or our team who works for us.


Do not be act the boss always right, do not have a perception that the senior employee always right, do not say those “magic word” however we better challenge the person who give another idea till get clear info.


The root cause of this condition, it may the employee in comfort zone area, it may not see from different angle of processes (respect others), it may not learn from others (benchmarking) or he may have a superior who has the same style who always use the “magic word” above.


Who will change?


The answer is very simple… WE ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN CHANGE OURSELVES… insya Allah.