Is it leader equal to servant?

As we knew that in this world has many kind of type of the people who lead the country, say for example, a president, a king, a queen, a prime minister, etc. Maybe to lead a country is too big example, then we change the example to the people who lead some person or groups, maybe the total person only 100 till 500 person.

To get the highest position in the group, sometimes took several years, more than 10 years, a lucky person may got the highest position below than 10 years. During the period before highest position, we may got appointed in some working areas or be an expert person in one area. In this topic is not important, 5 years, 10 years or 15 years to get highest position or working in one or more than one area.

If we consider that when we lead some person in a group, we have to face some problem occur later, problem about communication, problem about teamwork, problem about their family or problem with his/her girl/boy friend. Quite often in reality, that those problems will bother the working condition, then impact to their working performance and working output.

Be a leader, need to have a skill about motivating others, building effective team. This skill is not automatically come to us. We need to do some exercises and through some experiences. Our mind set will be developed and created to positive way if we got good guidance/direction from our superior when we were in staff level.

Some trainings, mentoring program, couching program, also as learning process to develop and to create good mind set to be a leader.

Then what is the relation to be a servant?

Some types of leader as we understand are authoritarian, the leader is always right, arrogant and these are examples of bad types of the leader. However good type examples of the leader are bring the working environment to conducive, couch the team player to support each other, depending each other to achieve the group’s goal and other good examples.

Our staff, in the beginning, may need some good directions to do some activities. Sometimes we need to have man to man discussion, spend more time to sit and discuss with all team players to make same vision and mission and maybe it will happen after working hours or our weekend period. We can say that to know each other need to sacrifice our family or personal time to build good relationship with the team player.

This is the meaning of be a servant.

A servant always uses their time to serve the house’s owner and family. Their clean the house, they wash the dishes, cloths, they do gardening, etc.

The key word is to SERVE. Good leader will serve the team player to develop good teamwork, to build good mind set and to achieve the team’s goal coz the leader has good relationship with the team player.

So, don’t be shy to have servant mentality to build a good teamwork and good relationship. Since we are good servant to the team player, it will build a trust to the team and automatically, the good team player will support the leader, insya Allah.