Promotion, who do not want to get higher position? Yes, most employees who work with a company want to get higher position. It is unusual, if we work in the company but we do not want to get promotion.

As written in other topic, A COW, a person who wants to be a leader, need to have a good attitude. A brilliant person will not automatically be a good leader if the person does not have good attitude. Long service year to work in the company also will not guarantee be a good leader if the person does not have good attitude.

What is the impact?

Restructuring the organization, succession plan, position rotation will generate some new position or replacement in the organization. In this topic will not mention about the reason of restructuring or why need a succession. This topic will focus on the person who get promotion but not in the right time yet.

The person has a capability, the person got an opportunity and the person has willingness to get higher position, but the person does not have good attitude yet and or does not have good maturity level yet, even the person already had long service year in the company.

The impact, if the company intrudes the person who does not have good maturity level to hold the higher position without any additional knowledge, no trainings, or without any good mentoring system, the problem will occur later. For example, the person does not usually work in a big team, then if he appointed in the higher position, the way of communication, the way of working style and the way of how to think, is narrow. The person will think shortly and the worst, the person will think he already took the best action, but in reality maybe the action is not perfect yet.

If this happen, an arrogant attitude will show in the person. Some inputs will rejected by the person, since he had long service year and he already in higher position. It will get worse, if the person report to the highest level in the company. The person feels that he got a back up from the superior then the person will not realize that the person will broke the procedure or SOP of the process.

As learning point to be a good leader, if we get a promotion or to fill the higher position, please remember, we do not walk in the moon, we do not walk in the sky. Be a gentle person, respect each other. Do not have a feeling that we already senior person in the company, do not see the new person in the company does not have other experiences.