There is a dream of every employee who works in a company to finish the job in the office and go home with smiling face. Another dream is a satisfaction after the employee gave a good or positive contribution in the office.

The issue will occur if among employee have different standard to be achieved. What standard? A same mission is needed to achieve the goal, in this case is company goals. When we take actions to achieve the company goals, good attitude, good spirit need to be build-in inside the employee’s heart.

A very simple example to see a bad or good attitude is, when an employee drives a rent or company car compare to when an employee drives with own car. Why does he drive his own car with full attention, careful? Coz of the car values came from his pocket. He does not want the car broken or damage and make another extra money to spend to fix the own car again. This is good attitude.

And now, if that good attitude is implemented in his working place (company he works with), he feels that he is part of the owner of the company, he imagines that every action from the company will impact to the business and his pocket, what do we do then?

Life is beautiful, world is so nice if all employees have that good attitude…

The question, can we have that attitude?

Yes, we can have that attitude. We need to transform ourselves to have good attitude.

Again, by learning, learning & learning and having high maturity level need to be put in our heart. Is it enough? To make a perfect final result, we can add creative thinking to find good solution, to find the good way to get optimum result.

Attention to the team member also needed to improve the teamwork’s spirit, leadership behavior, act as role model and improve managerial style will help to faster the transformation phase.

Insya Allah, with those attitudes, we can go home with smiling face all the time.