If we imagine the subject, big load, for example we think about a box (say 1 m3) with full of rocks on it. The question who will move the box? Superman will move the box by himself easily. Hercules will push the box by his power. But those super hero are only in the movie, in reality, we can not do like Superman or Hercules.

A box with full of rocks, we describe as a company. Can we imagine if a production department runs their process (as a core business) without any help from other department? They will hire the employee, they will order the materials, etc.

Do we think each department will run efficient by themselves?

For sure can not.

The production dept is an expert for how to make a product, the will not know in detail how to buy the raw material, send to incoming warehouse, how to control minimum stock, etc. And also, all levels in production department will focus how to make the best quality of the product rather than how to prepare the food, how to control the security, etc.

However, we have to realize, the production department is a King in manufacturing organization or Sales department is a King in Sales Commercial organization. Other departments must support the production/sales department. This is the clue of the subject, a big load in a big company will be shared to certain area or department to make smaller load in each department in the company.

When a company has a goal, it will be supported by all departments in the company to achieve the company goal and each department will translate the department goal to the personal indicator as personal goal which will be monitored monthly. Then every single person will have a load which link into department goal and will support the company goal.

Back to the example above, about the box with full of rocks on it, if only one person to lift the box, it will be very heavy, but if the box is lifted by four person, it can be easy to move and not heavy as one person lift the box.

“Shared loads, shared values and equal levels of commitment throughout every part of the organization are essential ingredient in the recipe for success” (*).

(*) Gordon J Stevenson – Philips Lighting Surabaya Director till 2002