To be a leader….. hhmmm, most of people wants it. Especially for a man, sometimes be a leader is a prestige, proud of and have a feeling that the world is mine. This attitude will be seen if the person is not ready yet to act as a leader.

What is the impact of this attitude?

For the person who has that feeling, this attitude will change to too confident, feel always right and the person will quite difficult to hear the voice of their team. If they do not careful, they can be trapped into comfort zone situation. This type of leader like to sit in their working table, their control their job from their working table, its called ‘remote control’ (*) managerial style.

(*) took from confronting conformance by Gordon J Stevenson.

No wonder, if some employees have this type of manager, they will feel uncomfortable to meet their leader. Egoistic image will be seen in their leader style while the leader will lead the team. No good communication will happen since no-trust among the leader and the team member. Scare to be blamed, just waiting instruction from the leader will occur in the team member attitude. “OK boss”, “the boss is always right”, “as you said boss” will come from the team member comment.

To eliminate this kind of situation is not easy and it will take time for both parties, the leader and the team member. The leader have to learn about the team member capability, the leader have to improve the skill of the team member, build the TRUST and start to delegate some activities to team member. Training, coaching and counseling is needed to build a good team player and to generate a good teamwork. During coaching, it is better the leader is not use ‘remote control’ style again. This is another learning process for the leader and the team member.

A statement from the past Philips president, Mr Jan Timmer:

I believe in management by walking around… it’s informal and direct. If you meet a hundred people a day, you can give a hundred people a message… This is more effective than being at your desk by yourself”.

Lead by example, improve the communication, delegate some activities and BUILD THE TRUST to the team member will develop good working environment, insya Allah.