Human being is the perfect creature in this world that God created. We have to say thanks God (alhamdulillah), if we have a complete legs, hands, eyes, ears, etc. And now, depends on us how to use it, for a good thing or a bad thing.

As the subject, listen, then it will connect to our ears.

Ears, the basic function is to hear all kind of sounds, however, our ears have a sound range to hear. In this topic, we don’t mention about the sound range, or the basic of ears function.

So, why the topic is listen?

As a leader, we need to realize that we can not only giving order. We can not only sit as a King or Queen who sit in a big chair while our staff is working hardly. Most reasons that the teamwork will broke, coz this bad habit of the leader, just sit, give instruction and don’t want to hear the team voices.

Another example, during the performance appraisal (one on one session), the leader also need to give a time to staff to speak then the leader have to hear them. Sometimes, a leader is not only hear a staff’s problem in office, but sometimes staff’s problem at home or their family. Their problem at home is often to bother their working performance, especially for young people who has a girl or boy friend.

But do not forget, a man, if he has a family and has children, listen the children or wife also needed. Quite many people in this world, be a good leader at the office but a bad father/husband at home.

A good leader or a good father, must be a good listener before judging or say something. This good exercise or this good behavior will be copied by the team member or by the children. Insya Allah, it will build a good teamwork, and the most important is about respect, all team members will respect to the leader. Good respect will create a trust.

Listen is one of learning activity too. Sometimes we hear bad info, critics or destructive information. As a good leader, we need to analyze the info what we got before say or doing something. Listen also will bring us to higher maturity of leadership.

That’s why God gives us two ears and one mouth, so, we need to “more to hear” rather than “more to speak”.