The technology is growing, the process is improving, the communication and coordination are developing, for sure to get better results, but why some person still have the way of the thinking with old style or tradition, such as, its used to…, long time ago…


We work in company is not alone, sometimes we have discussion, have different idea or opinion, however, as a professional, we need to get an agreed action plan to be done later to achieve better and bigger result. In this stage, we as manager or someone who has middle position in a company, we have to wise to accept the action plan even that action plan is not come from us, maybe the idea of action plan come from Spv level or operator level.


A manager or person who does not ready for the changes, may say some reasons to keep the previous way, they might say: “ITS USED TO BE…” or “USUALLY…” or “LONG TIME AGO…” etc. Then, if those “magic word” already said by a person, we will not have good discussion.


And how to prepare ourselves, as manager, to accept the new idea or the new concept which may different from us?


Learning, learning and learning…


Learning is not only learn for the new one/item then we implement it, but learn to respect to others, learn to accept the other idea, learn to think different way, learn to think out of the box. Like it or not, sometime we need to learn from our staff or our team who works for us.


Do not be act the boss always right, do not have a perception that the senior employee always right, do not say those “magic word” however we better challenge the person who give another idea till get clear info.


The root cause of this condition, it may the employee in comfort zone area, it may not see from different angle of processes (respect others), it may not learn from others (benchmarking) or he may have a superior who has the same style who always use the “magic word” above.


Who will change?


The answer is very simple… WE ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN CHANGE OURSELVES… insya Allah.

Is it leader equal to servant?

As we knew that in this world has many kind of type of the people who lead the country, say for example, a president, a king, a queen, a prime minister, etc. Maybe to lead a country is too big example, then we change the example to the people who lead some person or groups, maybe the total person only 100 till 500 person.

To get the highest position in the group, sometimes took several years, more than 10 years, a lucky person may got the highest position below than 10 years. During the period before highest position, we may got appointed in some working areas or be an expert person in one area. In this topic is not important, 5 years, 10 years or 15 years to get highest position or working in one or more than one area.

If we consider that when we lead some person in a group, we have to face some problem occur later, problem about communication, problem about teamwork, problem about their family or problem with his/her girl/boy friend. Quite often in reality, that those problems will bother the working condition, then impact to their working performance and working output.

Be a leader, need to have a skill about motivating others, building effective team. This skill is not automatically come to us. We need to do some exercises and through some experiences. Our mind set will be developed and created to positive way if we got good guidance/direction from our superior when we were in staff level.

Some trainings, mentoring program, couching program, also as learning process to develop and to create good mind set to be a leader.

Then what is the relation to be a servant?

Some types of leader as we understand are authoritarian, the leader is always right, arrogant and these are examples of bad types of the leader. However good type examples of the leader are bring the working environment to conducive, couch the team player to support each other, depending each other to achieve the group’s goal and other good examples.

Our staff, in the beginning, may need some good directions to do some activities. Sometimes we need to have man to man discussion, spend more time to sit and discuss with all team players to make same vision and mission and maybe it will happen after working hours or our weekend period. We can say that to know each other need to sacrifice our family or personal time to build good relationship with the team player.

This is the meaning of be a servant.

A servant always uses their time to serve the house’s owner and family. Their clean the house, they wash the dishes, cloths, they do gardening, etc.

The key word is to SERVE. Good leader will serve the team player to develop good teamwork, to build good mind set and to achieve the team’s goal coz the leader has good relationship with the team player.

So, don’t be shy to have servant mentality to build a good teamwork and good relationship. Since we are good servant to the team player, it will build a trust to the team and automatically, the good team player will support the leader, insya Allah.

Promotion, who do not want to get higher position? Yes, most employees who work with a company want to get higher position. It is unusual, if we work in the company but we do not want to get promotion.

As written in other topic, A COW, a person who wants to be a leader, need to have a good attitude. A brilliant person will not automatically be a good leader if the person does not have good attitude. Long service year to work in the company also will not guarantee be a good leader if the person does not have good attitude.

What is the impact?

Restructuring the organization, succession plan, position rotation will generate some new position or replacement in the organization. In this topic will not mention about the reason of restructuring or why need a succession. This topic will focus on the person who get promotion but not in the right time yet.

The person has a capability, the person got an opportunity and the person has willingness to get higher position, but the person does not have good attitude yet and or does not have good maturity level yet, even the person already had long service year in the company.

The impact, if the company intrudes the person who does not have good maturity level to hold the higher position without any additional knowledge, no trainings, or without any good mentoring system, the problem will occur later. For example, the person does not usually work in a big team, then if he appointed in the higher position, the way of communication, the way of working style and the way of how to think, is narrow. The person will think shortly and the worst, the person will think he already took the best action, but in reality maybe the action is not perfect yet.

If this happen, an arrogant attitude will show in the person. Some inputs will rejected by the person, since he had long service year and he already in higher position. It will get worse, if the person report to the highest level in the company. The person feels that he got a back up from the superior then the person will not realize that the person will broke the procedure or SOP of the process.

As learning point to be a good leader, if we get a promotion or to fill the higher position, please remember, we do not walk in the moon, we do not walk in the sky. Be a gentle person, respect each other. Do not have a feeling that we already senior person in the company, do not see the new person in the company does not have other experiences.

There is a dream of every employee who works in a company to finish the job in the office and go home with smiling face. Another dream is a satisfaction after the employee gave a good or positive contribution in the office.

The issue will occur if among employee have different standard to be achieved. What standard? A same mission is needed to achieve the goal, in this case is company goals. When we take actions to achieve the company goals, good attitude, good spirit need to be build-in inside the employee’s heart.

A very simple example to see a bad or good attitude is, when an employee drives a rent or company car compare to when an employee drives with own car. Why does he drive his own car with full attention, careful? Coz of the car values came from his pocket. He does not want the car broken or damage and make another extra money to spend to fix the own car again. This is good attitude.

And now, if that good attitude is implemented in his working place (company he works with), he feels that he is part of the owner of the company, he imagines that every action from the company will impact to the business and his pocket, what do we do then?

Life is beautiful, world is so nice if all employees have that good attitude…

The question, can we have that attitude?

Yes, we can have that attitude. We need to transform ourselves to have good attitude.

Again, by learning, learning & learning and having high maturity level need to be put in our heart. Is it enough? To make a perfect final result, we can add creative thinking to find good solution, to find the good way to get optimum result.

Attention to the team member also needed to improve the teamwork’s spirit, leadership behavior, act as role model and improve managerial style will help to faster the transformation phase.

Insya Allah, with those attitudes, we can go home with smiling face all the time.

If we imagine the subject, big load, for example we think about a box (say 1 m3) with full of rocks on it. The question who will move the box? Superman will move the box by himself easily. Hercules will push the box by his power. But those super hero are only in the movie, in reality, we can not do like Superman or Hercules.

A box with full of rocks, we describe as a company. Can we imagine if a production department runs their process (as a core business) without any help from other department? They will hire the employee, they will order the materials, etc.

Do we think each department will run efficient by themselves?

For sure can not.

The production dept is an expert for how to make a product, the will not know in detail how to buy the raw material, send to incoming warehouse, how to control minimum stock, etc. And also, all levels in production department will focus how to make the best quality of the product rather than how to prepare the food, how to control the security, etc.

However, we have to realize, the production department is a King in manufacturing organization or Sales department is a King in Sales Commercial organization. Other departments must support the production/sales department. This is the clue of the subject, a big load in a big company will be shared to certain area or department to make smaller load in each department in the company.

When a company has a goal, it will be supported by all departments in the company to achieve the company goal and each department will translate the department goal to the personal indicator as personal goal which will be monitored monthly. Then every single person will have a load which link into department goal and will support the company goal.

Back to the example above, about the box with full of rocks on it, if only one person to lift the box, it will be very heavy, but if the box is lifted by four person, it can be easy to move and not heavy as one person lift the box.

“Shared loads, shared values and equal levels of commitment throughout every part of the organization are essential ingredient in the recipe for success” (*).

(*) Gordon J Stevenson – Philips Lighting Surabaya Director till 2002

Human being is the perfect creature in this world that God created. We have to say thanks God (alhamdulillah), if we have a complete legs, hands, eyes, ears, etc. And now, depends on us how to use it, for a good thing or a bad thing.

As the subject, listen, then it will connect to our ears.

Ears, the basic function is to hear all kind of sounds, however, our ears have a sound range to hear. In this topic, we don’t mention about the sound range, or the basic of ears function.

So, why the topic is listen?

As a leader, we need to realize that we can not only giving order. We can not only sit as a King or Queen who sit in a big chair while our staff is working hardly. Most reasons that the teamwork will broke, coz this bad habit of the leader, just sit, give instruction and don’t want to hear the team voices.

Another example, during the performance appraisal (one on one session), the leader also need to give a time to staff to speak then the leader have to hear them. Sometimes, a leader is not only hear a staff’s problem in office, but sometimes staff’s problem at home or their family. Their problem at home is often to bother their working performance, especially for young people who has a girl or boy friend.

But do not forget, a man, if he has a family and has children, listen the children or wife also needed. Quite many people in this world, be a good leader at the office but a bad father/husband at home.

A good leader or a good father, must be a good listener before judging or say something. This good exercise or this good behavior will be copied by the team member or by the children. Insya Allah, it will build a good teamwork, and the most important is about respect, all team members will respect to the leader. Good respect will create a trust.

Listen is one of learning activity too. Sometimes we hear bad info, critics or destructive information. As a good leader, we need to analyze the info what we got before say or doing something. Listen also will bring us to higher maturity of leadership.

That’s why God gives us two ears and one mouth, so, we need to “more to hear” rather than “more to speak”.

To be a leader….. hhmmm, most of people wants it. Especially for a man, sometimes be a leader is a prestige, proud of and have a feeling that the world is mine. This attitude will be seen if the person is not ready yet to act as a leader.

What is the impact of this attitude?

For the person who has that feeling, this attitude will change to too confident, feel always right and the person will quite difficult to hear the voice of their team. If they do not careful, they can be trapped into comfort zone situation. This type of leader like to sit in their working table, their control their job from their working table, its called ‘remote control’ (*) managerial style.

(*) took from confronting conformance by Gordon J Stevenson.

No wonder, if some employees have this type of manager, they will feel uncomfortable to meet their leader. Egoistic image will be seen in their leader style while the leader will lead the team. No good communication will happen since no-trust among the leader and the team member. Scare to be blamed, just waiting instruction from the leader will occur in the team member attitude. “OK boss”, “the boss is always right”, “as you said boss” will come from the team member comment.

To eliminate this kind of situation is not easy and it will take time for both parties, the leader and the team member. The leader have to learn about the team member capability, the leader have to improve the skill of the team member, build the TRUST and start to delegate some activities to team member. Training, coaching and counseling is needed to build a good team player and to generate a good teamwork. During coaching, it is better the leader is not use ‘remote control’ style again. This is another learning process for the leader and the team member.

A statement from the past Philips president, Mr Jan Timmer:

I believe in management by walking around… it’s informal and direct. If you meet a hundred people a day, you can give a hundred people a message… This is more effective than being at your desk by yourself”.

Lead by example, improve the communication, delegate some activities and BUILD THE TRUST to the team member will develop good working environment, insya Allah.